Western Australia 30th Birthday Celebrations

Rolling along for Radio Lollipop
10 October 2015  

THANKS to our wonderful supporters at Morley Rollerdrome, Radio Lollipop Western Australia kicked off its 30th birthday celebrations in style!  Since 9am this morning, Radio Lollipop volunteers, supporters and Morley Rollerdrome staff have been entertaining hundreds of families as they showcase their skating skills. Some of us knew better and stayed off the wheels, embracing the safety of solid ground and some craft, games and fun.

Mike from Run Mouse Run has completed some stunning caricatures for children to take home while Bec from KidzABuzz has been selling the latest issue of her activity book for children; part proceeds of which also come to Radio Lollipop.  This afternoon we will have a performance from Zumba dancers, the Cassanovas from NOVA 93.7FM will join the party as well as our friends from the 501st Legion tonight.

We'll be skating until 9pm tonight with a goal of filling in the number on a big cheque for Radio Lollipop Western Australia.

Location: Morley, Western Australia